Monday, April 9, 2012

sometimes its not about sacrafice.

I still stand by that in this recession there are few things I will not give up and one will be nail polish. Its my selfish thing.  It doesnt feel like a job when I sit down and do my nails. I dont have to think about a single thing. This past vacation has been awesome I have been sitting down when ever the mood strikes me and have been working on little designs here and there. Its such a breather as work with company x and then our lil business really pick up at the end of the school year.

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Date night was last night and it was hilarious as we stayed in ate tacos and played little big planet for three hours yelling at each other blowing each other up and laughing non stop. It has been something we havent done in ages and ages, it was like we werent the married couple who is typically in a fun rut but more like boyfriend and girlfriend being super goofy.

STOP THE PRESSES... so while we are on vacation we have been eating our way across town in new resturants that we have never been to. Uh hello heaven, sexy,party in my mouth food. I swear we were on our way to five guys when I looked over read the sign Urban Taco Mondern Mexican Taqueria and told jake "omg what if they are ruining mexican food" and jake wanted to see for himself. I ate my words. Okay so for one its super pretty and I hate eating at places that are not like kept clean or people dont take pride in to make it look semi decent. The menu was a little intimidating for a second, I had to break out the spainish that I use uh pretty often to read it.  I had a quesadilla "De Bistek- arrachera steak, roasted red onions, roasted tomatoes, spinach, pico de gallo, queso fresco & crema" omgsbj! I am not a food blogger so I dont know the appropriate words to describe this other than go go go go go get some.

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