Monday, March 26, 2012

Whats in my bag!

I need to apologize again for the photo quality the camera died yesterday ( who knew water + camera = no camera for Leslie?) so tada photos via the cell phone...

Anywho I absolutely love seeing whats in my bag blog and vlog post. The junk people carry around is hilarious. So this is mine. I did not clean my out and the only thing not posted is my cell phone ( duh obvious reasons) and female products cause we dont need to be that close.

I present to you my bag
Similiar Bag in black (here)
 I absolutely love my Jetsetter ( fyi the color is dark dune). The leather is like butter, the straps are very sturdy. My biggest beef with shoulder totes is the straps if they fall  all the time or if they bust after  no time. I havent had any issues at all.

similar (here)
I carry a steno pad for blogging ideas at my desk. Yes I wrote this blog out at work. and then I took the photos at work. I brainstorm alot of my non "life" post on my lunch it is super relaxing to turn off work mode. 
I am an avid reader so you are looking at a new book I am rereading "Spooky Texas" which is just a collection of Texas folklore.
The coach poppy large wallet does its job.

brush book (here)
 My makeup bag, my brush book which is real techniques by samantha chapman. I have crammed all my brushes for my personal use in it and called it a day. My headphones, car keys, and swipe pass for my employer
mail, a pen and my phone charger....

So yeah thats my world right there

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