Sunday, February 12, 2012

a lil about my weekend

I am kinda addicted to the discovery channel. I watch it excessively here at home and if I could I'd watch it at the fulltime job. Its like super soothing.
This weekend was my birthday, yes I got a whole weekend.
I went and kinda sorta spoiled my self with some essie polish, and shoes oh yeah and two pretty awesome michael kors bags that I stashed in layway at TJ MAXX. Which let me tell you I was in the dark about the fantabulous fact that TJ MAXX had layway. My lovely 'Dia organized a dinner for my birthday on saturday, and honestly when it comes down to your birthday you really see who you are friends with, and I now know where I stand with alot of people. and its okay because I dont want that kind of toxicity in my life. Then Sunday was spent with Boo during the day assisting her on a photoshoot, until I came home to uh YES YES YES YES breaking dawn and popcorn. Hubs rocks. and my special christmas gift ( i explain this later in this post) Gabriel Iglesias "im not fat... I'm fluffy" .

So lets get back to TJ MAXX right fast. Uh can we say I will have my bedroom and my guest bathroom and my office redone with lushness because I can pay half and half!!!!!  I dont know why I didnt think about doing this with even burlington already. Like seriously?? I always joke that just about the time we get settled into this house our lease will be up and this will be the time my landlord wants to sell our house and we will have to move. Yes I know we wouldnt have this issue if we bought our own house, we are on the long road to credit recovery because this is not a buyers market this is  banks market.  we have to get this shoe storage issue undercontrol with a wide mid-height bookshelf. OUr closet is litered with shoes and it would nice not to have them in on my desk and on my file cabinet.
For our bedroom, and looking to do deep emerald greens or navy blues. I saw this amazing side chair at an antique store that is tempting me. its actually got a emerald and navy paisley pattern on it. I would be so perfect to be in the corner of my bedroom. well at least with the vision I have. I just need to first see what I can find for bedding and curtains before I can commit to purchasing it.
I have a long long week ahead of me 20 hours of voluntary overtime. I need to keep my self busy while hubs is outta town on business. Yes I will have yet another solo holiday as this time he will be gone for Valentines day aka our christmas. :'( Since his bday is christmas we typically do  big gift giving on valentines day and wonk wonk not this year he will be leaving on a jet plane that morning.

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