Friday, January 27, 2012

oh I am going there.

God bless the inventor of the panty girdle. seriously I know some folks think that they are devises of torture made to keep us from breathing. Yeah it is so what, but isnt it worth the smooth lines? It keeps my junk from jiggling like two pigs fighting under a blanket... I am sorry its not attractive ladies get your junk under control! I am not saying one should rock ir 24/7 but at least when you are in your nicer / work clothes take the extra effort to avoid looking like a complete hot mess.

So today was epic for me, I went shopping for new clothing in a new size and for the first time in 3 freaken years I did not have to shop in a plus size specific store. Holy shit I am making it back to the skinny girl stores. I felt nervous as I slipped into a dressing room each time, and I found it frustrating when the dress I wanted was too small in the bust but okay not going to complain about the girls just being too big, but I kept waiting for stuff to not button or to be to short because of my rear or my weight. Peice by peice I didnt have that issue and that is a huge ego boost.
 And most importantly of course my health numbers are back to premo again!
I have cleared out my closet with tons of stuff to take to god will and the local churches so I am glad this is also benefiting others. We planned for an entire day at our outlet malls and instead hubs and I were done in 3 hours. oh and we tracked it all our walking added up to 6 activities points each for us today!

I have to get back to laundry its the weekend choice that I hate the most.


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