Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lessons in Fried Chicken

I love cooking and everything about cooking. It makes me happy and I have said many times away from doing makeup it is my favorite thing in the world.

But this southern girl has a confession to make. I cant fry chicken. Hubs has been attempting to teach me for about oh five years now and I have only made it once successfully. So Saturday night I gather up everything I need to cook some delcious  fried chicken. From afar Hubs told me I looked like I meant business. He tells me that the food smells soooo good and I am think yes omg I have finially got this down. Chicken comes out of the pot ( we stove top fry) on to the paper towl and to just make sure I open each peice up. The outsides were gorgeous and the insides were raw as can be past the first lil bit of chicken meat. I was so damn confused. I have come to this revalation though maybe I am not meant to fry chicken maybe I am ment to just buy my boxes of bill millers and popeyes. I mean if I stopped buying from them then I wouldnt be stimulating the economy. Someone could loose their job due to the drop in revenue. This would be bigger than we know. ;)

Or I can just let hubs do it his always taste bomb.

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