Sunday, December 11, 2011

Laundry day.

surprise surprise I am doing laundry. I am not bitter about it though it is a sense of normalcy.  This is part of our pre-separation routine, so having it back in post separation it makes me feel like if I keep doing it enough it was like seven weeks of separation never happened.

I havent wanted to turn to this and put my world out there, however I am not coping with the things in life the way that are conducive to myself or my marriage, why I dont know. I have like 15 readers and only 4 who know me in real life and they know whats going on so who the hell cares if I am upset because I am frustrated that I am not understanding how I am supposed to just be okay with be separated for 7 weeks?I cant stand right now when people tell me to take it one day at a time. What the hell does that mean? I am a planner, I have freaken OCD I have to be planned out I cant live by life's surprises I live by plans and regiments. For the love of god  when I do 30x30 I plan my outfits out within the day of deciding that I am goin gto do it. How the hell am I supposed to take my marriage one day at a time?

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