Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breakfast dates and my life via satc

Since my life was turned upside down the on thing I can honestly say that I look forward to is my breakfast date with my soul sister/wifey (if I ever switch teams I m taking her with me she is just as into fashion as I am and score we wear the same size cothes and shoes) We do it every two weeks and don't eat the same thing twice and we don't talk about the upside down things in life. Its an awesome two hour block.
This moring I am sitting here in the parking lot waiting I think about how often I say I would be lot without my husband or lost without so an so but its really a combonation of all.  Shell herself is my miranda/charolette rolled into one. Ness is my retired samantha and shawn is quite literaly charolette with a touch of shanaynay. I have an aiden and big in my life. But if I didn't have that in my life I think I would be seriously off kilter. I appreciate the balance that they all give me.
Ootd coming up in a bit

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