Monday, June 20, 2011

oh now I found it

We came back from NYC and for the life of me I could not find my memory card. but aha I found it!
This photo means so much to us. Behind us is the sign for strawberry fields, a memorial to John Lennon. Our moms are huge Beatles fans to say the least, as are Jake and I.  We have the movie Across the Universe memorized front to back. We were on our tour bus and looked over at a big black and gold building and I said  "omg its the Dakota" our tour guide looks at us and said "you like the building eh? fancy building famous people" and I replied "John Lennon died here" and he said "Oh is this the building?"  Maybe I should have been born in a different era to know that that was the building were millions of people had their hearts broken when he was killed. Maybe this Mr. NYC tour guide was just not a Beatles buff. So we got out at the stop for Strawberry Fields and turned and looked at this stunning co-op building, where we dream of living one day. We turned back to walk into Strawberry Fields and listened to the instantaneous quiet that was in this small alcove of  Central Park

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  1. Your tour guide didn't know where Lennon was shot?! Ummm wtf. You should start your own NYC tour. Lol. ;)

    I only know the building because of film class in college. His apartment building wa sthe same one used to film Rosemary's Baby. It is a gorgeous building...

    Your trip sounds so fabulous. You're a lucky girl!

    I love that photo. :)