Monday, March 14, 2011

this is going to be kinda ostentatious

I have been in the shittiest moods ever, and I hadnt been able to snap out of it. When I get in my mood or sad or angry or in any means feeling negative I turn to stuff that makes me genuinely smile and that is things fashion and beauty related.  So if you guys are interested here I go. As previous a post have described I have a slight attraction to pretty nail polish I love me some nail polish. I change my nail color on my fingers about every other day, and my toes about every week. It just makes me so super happy to come home and do my nails. The family that owns the nail supply store knows be by name now, kinda sad lol. I also love reading and watching shopping hauls. It can be rather inspirational, I can see what other people think of a product before me and they are just fun so I present to you my nail polish haul de jour.

So let me break it down like James Brown as to whats in my box o-goodies:
Sparkalicious ( i totally dont know how I feel about this at this moment)-Burlesque Collection
San Tan-tonio, I almost passed this up so so so glad I didnt.-Texas Collection
Austin-tatious Turquoise, loven it its amazing I have already worn this one its amazing -Texas Collection
Ogre-the-top Blue, the best frikken blue ever. -Shrek Collection
Rumples Wiggin', a lavender that I have been lusting over - Shrek Collection
Barefoot in Barcelona, a pinky tan
Play Till Midnight, a deep semi-sparkly purple
I'm His Coral-Friend, a hot coral

Coat Azure, the only way to explain this is its like a french blue.

Golden Halo

China Glaze
CRACKLES, hellllsss yeah  I picked up crushed candy, fault line ( this does not crackle that well), broken hearted, and cracked candy.
Peachy Keen, this is the exact color of a peach - Up and Away Collection
Flyin High, turquoise a bit richer than the actual stone -Up and Away Collection
Flirt, metallic rose pink
Edgy Copper, molten copper shimmer
Solar Power, metallic butter yellow
Passion in the Pacific, metallic and slightly greener version of  Flyin High

Its a bit much I know but I love it oh it makes me happy putting them in the drawer stored neatly with all my nail things.  Going to the drawer to pick out the one I am wearing that day.... makes my day.

And this post has made my day, and turned my mood around 

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