Saturday, March 5, 2011

just you and me today

No fashion blogging, no farmer talk nada just you and me.

In 30 days we will be boarding our flight, and oh my goodness gracious this is my first plane ride ever. I am scared, I am really afraid of heights so badly. I am nervous and catching my eyes watering up right now just thinking about getting on a plane. I have been researching tips and tricks on relaxing and being calm when going through take off. I am just plain ol scurd though.
I am insanely excited to ride the train again, when we  lived in philadelphia we used to ride the train all the time, because my mom hated the commute between Cherry Hill (well hell anywhere in the north east ) and philly and we would take the train. We will be staying in New Jersey as this saved us $700 to do so, so this just means we are going to commute back and forth. We are taking advantage of being up there in the middle of everything to go to Philly for the day as well as Washington D.C.. We have waited almost  two years for our honeymoon.  I cant wait to get out there and take my camera and be a tourist. Omg how awful I am going to be such a tourist boolay.

Tomorrow is a famuly bar b que for my baby brothers birthday yipppeeee skippy, I am in charge of cup cakes hmm. IDK i cant make cupcakes, I tend eat batter.....
mk I am done rambling for the moment love love love

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  1. You're going to do great with your first airplane! They work! Just breathe and maybe hold your neighbor's hand :)

    My dad is a pilot so I'm very comfortable flying, I hope you love it!