Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the pantry

okay okay so enough sulking from me about cleaning this pantry. I dont unfortunately have a traditional pantry. My house was built in 1923  and the original kitchen was super duper tiny the previous owners built an addition on to expand the house  and the kitchen so my kitchen went from being 4 feet wide to about 7 ft x 12 ft. Pretty big, the kitchen pantry did not get revamped and since this is an older house this means the water heater is in our kitchen enclosed, so expanding that is not an option.

so here is my before.... I am so ashamed
everything was pushed in there and I was buy so much extra stuff cause what we already have. in the bottom left hand portion were three empty dog food bags. We had canned animal food that we swore we were out of for the cats, potatoes that were sprouting eyes ( i know I know). Junk galore, so sad.

and then

yay much cleaner and neater there is more room now, which is good cause mid-clean out I ran to Sam's Club with my mom.  I moved my cans down to eye level so I could see them and moved some of my good crystal up to the top shelf since they are not used as much.

All in all I am proud of myself. Our lovely landlord is completely okay with me replacing the contact paper and I really want to make it brighter and much prettier. have really pretty options I am really leaning towards the barock black flower one. its really different and I think it will give the viewer a pleasant surprise.This sparked a huge cleaning mission+ for my kitchen and me and hubby realized we need a new pots and pans and b some serious shelving  in our kitchen....... Does anyone else have issues with limited space in there kitchens and if so how do you conquer them?

I plan to work on this some more tomorrow after my afternoon at the mall with subefr.


  1. yayy now you can see all the FOOD! <3 good job girl!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. You're inspiring me to clean my cabinets! Then maybe I won't be surprised to find that I already have 4 jars of pasta sauce....