Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life of lack-luster luxury

so before busting my chops about the internet and it being a luxury, let me preface this saying we are online students, therefor we need the internet.
We have slowly cut back on luxuries, no more movie nights, bowling dates are in the gutters, and new dvd or blu-rays unless its a holiday we dropped the curtains on those too. Cable is officially leaving us this month so we can cut household bills. While it seems counter productive as I am a freelance makeup artist I told hunny that I was going to lay off the kit supplies until we can get back on our feet.

We moved out of a cheaper rental home to get out a really bad and dangerous neighborhood, which I don't regret at all. Though the house is more expensive we are closer to family, in a wonderful neighborhood and no more than 15 mins from than anywhere that we go. We moved much closer to work, which cut our fuel bill in half. However with it being bigger we did not take into consideration that this would increase the cooling and heating bill and we didn't understand that the additional 100 a month that we were paying was still going to make a big difference every month.

As we have gone along this last 7 months we are learning what we really need and really don't need. It sucks and I have caught myself in tears when I realized I would need to budget for things like a new sneakers, or a lunch for a friends birthday which was something that I never had to do before.

I am not here to play this woe as me act, I am not here to be on of the super coupon clipper moms, or a budget beauty guru. I am here as me as representative of the average married couple central Texas. Some of these post will be funny and some will suck because the situation sucks.

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